Table 4

Logistic regression to determine the prognostic effects of selected variables on vision gain (gain of ≥15 letters) at (A) year 1 and (B) year 2

CoefficientSELower 95% CIUpper 95% CIp Value
(A) Variables (year 1)
 The Netherlands0.991.320.0713.490.99
Reimbursement type*
 National standard0.920.270.511.650.78
 Separate contract3.323.090.5420.550.20
Age at start of therapy0.970.010.950.990.001
Baseline visual acuity score0.950.000.940.960.000
Number of injections (ranibizumab)
Switch to other treatments0.910.320.461.800.79
Number of ophthalmoscopies and OCT (combined)
(B) Variables (year 2)
 The Netherlands1.221.490.1113.340.87
Reimbursement type†
 National standard0.700.220.371.310.27
Age at start of therapy0.960.010.940.980.000
Baseline visual acuity score0.950.010.940.960.000
Number of monitoring visits1.000.020.961.041.00
Number of injections (ranibizumab)
Number of ophthalmoscopies and OCT (combined)
  • *‘Patient’ category dropped and two observations not used.

  • †‘Separate contract’ category dropped and seven observations not used; ‘patient’ category dropped because of colinearity.

  • OCT, optical coherence tomography.