Table 1

Clinical and ophthalmological characteristics of patients with type 2 diabetes without clinical retinopathy and normal controls

Type 2 diabetesControl groupp Value
Age (years)53.1±9.654.5±11.00.74
Sex (male/female)14/1416/15
Antidiabetes medication
Diabetes duration (years)5.11±4.64
History of cardiovascular diseases00
Refractive error (dioptres)−0.98±1.8−0.95±2.30.95
Axial length (mm)24.4±1.024.3±1.10.81
Body mass index25.8±5.922.2±3.00.004
Systolic blood pressure (mm Hg)115.2±11.7116.7±10.40.58
Diastolic blood pressure (mm Hg)69.8±10.672.1±8.60.34
Intraocular pressure (mm Hg)14.5±1.914.8±2.70.36
Pulse pressure (mm Hg)45.4±7.844.6±6.10.64
Mean blood pressure (mm Hg)85.0±10.387.0±8.80.39
Ocular perfusion pressure (mm Hg)43.4±6.243.9±7.00.76
Outer diameter (µm)128.0±15.5125.2±12.10.41
Inner diameter (µm)101.8±14.6101.8±11.20.98
Wall thickness (µm)26.2±5.623.4±3.60.02