Table 3

ORs from the logistic regressions for predicting measurement failure (N=65)

AgeSph ≤2*Sph>2*CylCDVAAL<22†AL >24.5†PNS >2‡
Aphakia aberrometry 1/3 (M5)0.9952.6430.6560.7990.1765.9051.739
Aphakia aberrometry 2/3 (M6)1.0310.5680.8330.5610.7012.0901.1985.797
Aphakia aberrometry 3/3 (M7)1.0230.4851.5920.6841.3421.1511.4352.862
  • No variable was found to have a significant impact on measurement success.

  • All results not significant at 0.05 level.

  • *Compared with reference category sphere ≤|2|D.

  • †Compared with the reference category of 22–24.5 mm.

  • ‡Compared with reference category PNS=0 (this lower powered model with N=53 was controlled for the effect of the other variables to the left).

  • AL, axial length (mm); CDVA, corrected distance visual acuity (logMar) before the operation; Cyl, cylinder (D); ; M5–7, three aberrometry measurements during aphakia; PNS, Pentacam Nuclear Staging from 0 (no cataract) to 5 (very dense cataract); Sph, sphere (D).