Table 3

Changes in mean anterior segment parameters before and after cataract surgery in eyes with pseudoexfoliation syndrome

Variable (mean±SD)PreoperativePostoperativep Valuep Value (adjusted for pupil diameter)
Angle parameters
 AOD500 (µm)0.311±0.1640.654±0.185<0.001<0.001
 AOD750 (µm)0.420±0.2140.883±0.232<0.001<0.001
 TISA500 (µm2)0.131±0.0650.250±0.070<0.001<0.001
 TISA750 (µm2)0.230±0.1090.449±0.118<0.001<0.001
Anterior segment parameters
 ACD (mm)2.71±0.354.11±0.35<0.001<0.001
 ACW (mm)11.59±0.3911.59±0.400.940.86
 ACA (mm2)20.51±3.7730.23±3.38<0.001<0.001
 LV (µm)430.3±370.8
Iris parameters
 IT750 (mm2)0.46±0.090.50±0.150.380.23
 I-area (mm)1.57±0.281.79±0.420.030.02
 I-curve (mm)0.31±0.080.18±0.08<0.001<0.001
 Pupil diameter (mm)3.86±0.203.63±1.030.20
  • ACA, anterior chamber area; ACD, anterior chamber depth; ACW, anterior chamber width; AOD, angle opening distance; I-area, iris area; I-curve, iris curvature; IT, iris thickness; LV, lens vault; TISA, trabecular iris space area.

  • Values that are p < 0.05 are shown in bold.