Table 2

Clinical characteristics of the study population that had cataract surgery and average recorded intraoperative metrics during the surgery

Number of patients33
Number of eyes33
Right eye/left eye16/17
Narrow angle/open angles11/22
Mean age±SD (range) in years75.4±6.5 (57.0–88.0)
Mean axial length±SD (range) in mm23.60±1.43 (22.08–28.62)
Mean preoperative gonioscopy grade±SD (range) by Shaffer classification2.95±0.89 (0. 5–4.0)
Mean cataract grade±SD (range) by LOCS III3.2±1.1 (2–5)
Mean CCT±SD (range) in µm538.6±36.8 (474.0–589.0)
Mean preoperative BCVA±SD (range) in decimals0.22±0.17 (0.05–0.67)
Mean postoperative BCVA±SD (range) in decimals0.74±0.19 (0.50–1.00)
Mean preoperative IOP±SD (range) in mm Hg18.1±3.4 (10–29)
Mean postoperative IOP±SD (range) in mm Hg14.8±3.6 (9–24)
Intraoperative metrics
 Mean CDE±SD (range) in per cent-second7.93±3.91 (1.76–18.43)
 Mean infusion fluid used±SD (range) in mL140.6±48.21 (33.0–200.0)
 Aspiration time±SD (range) in second72.0±38.12 (70.0–261.0)
  • BCVA, best-corrected visual acuity; CDE, cumulative dissipated energy; CCT, central corneal thickness; IOP, intraocular pressure; LOCS, Lens Opacities Classification System.