Table 2

Surgical efficacy for patients with different types of OCF and without OCF

IneffectiveModerate effectiveVery efficient
Kinds of OCF
 Displaced OCF impingement8231.172.717566.3
 Displaced OCF with no impingement5913.912228.724457.4
 OCF without displacement5225.2146.814068.0
No OCF4712.414437.918949.7
  • Moderate effective=IDVA no more than 50%; very efficient=IDVA≥50%; ineffective=no improvement of VA after surgery.

  • P=difference of efficacy between patients with OCF and no OCF, using χ2 test.

  • IDVA, improvement degree of VA; No OCF, patients who did not have OCF; OCF, optic canal fracture; VA, visual acuity.