Laser parameters [I, D]ALTSLT
Spot size50 μm400 μm
Exposure0.1 sec3 nsec (fixed)
Power500-1200 mW according to the reaction on the TM; with heavily pigmented TM low power is sufficient0.4 to 1.2 mJ according to the desired reaction; in heavily pigmented TM start with low levels e.g. 0.4 mJ
Optimal reactionTransient bleaching or small gas bubble formationThe power is titrated until the appearance of tiny air bubbles, »champagne bubbles«, at the site of the laser burn, then the power is reduced by increments of 0.1 mJ until there are no visible bubbles*
Number of spots50-100 evenly spacedspots over 180-360° 50-100 non-overlapping spots spaced over 180 -360°
  • some continue with the power that causes champagne bubble formation