Table 2

Comparison of anatomical and functional changes in patients with type 1 and type 2 PCV at 3 months

Type 1 PCV (n=16)Type 2 PCV (n=13)p Value
Complete polyp regression (%)13 (81.2)4 (30.8)0.020*
Partial polyp regression (%)3 (18.8)7 (53.8)
No regression (%)0 (0)2 (15.4)
Dry macula (%)11 (69)5 (39)0.103*
Changes in BCVA (logMAR)†−0.36±0.30−0.08±0.190.036‡
Changes in largest polyp dimeter (μm)†−197.5±150.6−96.9±107.10.083‡
Changes in largest PED height (μm)†−248.7±251.1−124.5±138.90.110‡
Changes in CMT (μm)†−191.9±121.8−163.2±91.40.650‡
Changes in subfoveal CT (μm)†−20.4±24.1−39.8±23.20.040‡
  • *p Value using Fisher's exact test.

  • †Data are presented as mean±SD and number (%).

  • ‡p Value using the Mann–Whitney test.

  • BCVA, best-corrected visual acuity; CMT, central macular thickness; CT, choroidal thickness; logMAR, logarithm of the minimum angle of resolution; PCV, polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy; PED, pigment epithelial detachment.