Table 3.3


CompoundMode of actionIOP reductionContra-indicationsSide effects
Prostaglandin analoguesLatanoprost 0.005% Tafluprost 0.0015% Travoprost 0.003% - 0.004%Increase in uveo-scleral outflow25-35%Contact lenses (unless reinserted 15 minutes following administration of the drugs)Local: Conjunctival hyperaemia, burning stinging, foreign body sensation, itching, increased pigmentation of periocular skin, periorbital fat atrophy, eyelash changes. Increased iris pigmentation, (in green-brown, blue/ grey-brown or yellow-brown irides). Cystoid macular oedema (aphakic/pseudophakic patients) with posterior lens capsule rupture or in eyes with known risk factors for macular oedema, reactivation of herpes keratitis, uveitis
ProstamideBimatoprost 0.03% Bimatoprost 0.01%Increase in uveo-scleral outflow25-35%Systemic: Dyspnea, chest pain/angina, muscle-back pain, exacerbation of asthma