Table 1

Baseline characteristics of type 1 and type 2 PCV

Type 1 PCV (n=16)Type 2 PCV (n=13)p Value
Age (years)*69.7±7.464.2±6.60.068†
Sex (male:female)11:512:10.136‡
BCVA (logMAR)*0.76±0.410.62±0.300.288†
Largest polyp diameter (μm)*263.5±104.3240.1±78.70.527†
GLD (μm)*2968±10342526±11710.351†
Polyp number*3.8±2.21.6±0.80.001†
BVN leakage (present:absent)14:26:70.023‡
Largest PED height (μm)*438.8±299.5313.1±174.50.268†
CMT (μm)*461.2±102.1416.1±83.60.249†
Subfoveal CT (μm)*206.9±57.8275.1±82.50.015†
  • *Data are presented as mean±SD.

  • †p Value using the Mann–Whitney test.

  • ‡p Value using Fisher's exact test.

  • BCVA, best-corrected visual acuity; BVN, branch vascular network; CMT, central macular thickness; CT, choroidal thickness; GLD, greatest linear dimension; logMAR, logarithm of the minimum angle of resolution; PCV, polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy; PED, pigment epithelial detachment.