Table 1

Comparison of demographic, driving and vision characteristics of study participants by group

CharacteristicsNormal control
p Value
 Age (years)53.8±8.557.4±7.70.022
 Gender (male/female)26/1766/290.298
 Driving years30.8±9.834.3±8.50.048*
 Driving exposure (hours/week)9.9±11.06.5±7.20.074*
 Number of MVAs by group5 (11.3%)17 (17.9%)0.455
Visual acuity
 Better-eye logMAR−0.04±0.08−0.08±0.03<0.001*
 Worse-eye logMAR−0.07±0.070.17±0.38<0.001*
HFA 24-2 MD (dB)
 Better-eye MD0.36±1.0−18.19±4.7<0.001§
 Worse-eye MD−0.34±1.1−22.63±4.9<0.001§
IVF sensitivity (dB)
  • Values are mean±SD.

  • *p indicates unpaired t-test.

  • †p indicates χ2 test.

  • ‡p indicates Fisher's exact test.

  • §p indicates Mann-Whitney U test.

  • HFA, Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer; IVF, integrated visual field; logMAR, logarithm of the minimum angle of resolution; MD, mean deviation; MVA, motor vehicle accident.