Table 2

Effect of fungal species, sociodemographic and clinical features on fungal branching angle (analyses adjusted for age and gender)

Change in branch angle (°)95% CI (°)p Value
Aspergillus spp (compared with Fusarium spp)4.20.5 to 7.90.025
Presence of deep infiltrate in posterior third of cornea−3.4−7.2 to 0.30.075
Symptom duration (days)−0.1−0.3 to 0.10.553
Diabetes mellitus1.2−4.0 to 6.40.654
Prior steroid/ciclosporin use1.2−4.1 to 6.60.650
Stromal infiltrate diameter (mm)−0.9−1.9 to 0.20.113
Prior antifungal use−3.1−6.6 to 0.30.076