Table 1

Clinical and demographic characteristics related to tumour response

Correlation with complete tumour response
Clinical and demographic characteristicsn±SD (%)Univariate analysisMultivariate analysis
Age (years)68±8.4NSNS
 Male26 (63)
 Female15 (36)
 Non-Hispanic white38 (93)NSNS
 Hispanic2 (5)
 Right eye (%)21 (51)
 Left eye (%)20 (48)
Thickness > 1.5 mm10 (24)0.0050.045
Fornix involvement12 (29)0.015NS
Tarsal involvement7 (17)0.009NS
Multifocality9 (22)0.0020.023
Limbus involvement (in clock hours)3.9±1.8NSNS
Largest basal diameter (mm)8.7±4.80.059 (NS)NS
AJCC staging system*0.028NS
 T110 (24)
 T219 (46)
 T312 (29)
 Low-grade dysplasia20 (48)
 High-grade dysplasia13 (31)
 Squamous cell carcinoma8 (19)
  • Bold values are statistically significant.

  • *AJCC staging system: T1 (tumour ≤5 mm in greatest dimension); T2 (tumour >5 mm in greatest dimension, without invasion of adjacent structures) and T3 (tumour invades adjacent structures, excluding the orbit).

  • AJCC, American Joint Committee on Cancer, NS, non-significant.