Table 1

Earliest postpenetrating keratoplasty ECD reported in the literature compared with the present series

Author(s), journal, yearStorage method and mediumDonor age (year)ebECDECD and postoperative timeNumber of patients and indications
This studyOC
71 (48; 87)2614
2 days before graft
(1620–2091) at 5 days and 1594
(1392–1865) at 1 month
100 (all comers)
Hagenah et al,
Ophthalmologe, 199731
OC at 31°C
46±182643±4201549±410 at 1 year30 (6 keratoconus, 10 stromal dystrophy, 5 Fuchs, 5 bullous, 4 others)
Frueh and Böhnke, Archives of Ophthalmology, 200032OC at 36°C
Likely homemade*
(at retrieval)
2327±341 at 1 month12 (8 keratoconus, 2 Fuchs, 1 Herpes, 1 bullous keratopathy)
Borderie et al,
Ophthalmology, 20092
OC at 31°C
Commercial media (Likely Inosol, Opsia, Labège France† and CorneaMax)
70±142264±2951604 at 1 year1062 (all comers)
Patel et al,
American Journal of Ophthalmology, 200527
CS in McCarey-Kaufman
CS in Optisol-GS
OC medium at 34°C
NA2973±5502467±675 at 2 months394 (all comers)
Lass et al; Cornea Donor Study, Ophthalmology, 200833CS in Optisol-GSSubgroup of 66–75 (n=108)2585
2350 (2200–2800) at 6 months60 Fuchs dystrophy and bullous keratopathy
  • Data are provided as media (IQR) or mean±SD depending on the original data in each article.

  • *Data interpreted from the corresponding European Eye Bank Association directory.

  • †Now discontinued.

  • CS, cold storage; ebECD, eye bank ECD in cells/mm2; ECD, endothelial cell density; NA, not available; OC, organ culture.