Table 5

Time to presentation

 Time to presentation
Less than 24 hours (n=83)More than 24 hours (n=12)p Value
Overall SIMD score19.1 (11.6–29.9)21.3 (11.7–62.2)0.402
Geographical access score19.0 (7.8–39.1)20.5 (11.7–46.4)0.533
Drive time (min)3.7 (2.6–4.9)4.3 (3.0–6.9)0.269
Public transport time (min)8.9 (6.7–14.3)10.7 (7.9–17.8)0.333
  • Data reported as medians and quartiles, with p values from Mann-Whitney tests.

  • Based on n=95 with complete postcodes and time to presentation status.

  • SIMD, Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation.