Table 2

Visual acuity and type of injury

nOverall SIMD scorep Value
Initial visual acuityBetter or equals to 6/122520.0 (10.6–36.4)0.697
Worse than 6/126618.3 (11.6–29.1)
Final visual acuityBetter or equals to 6/124917.7 (10.6–27.5)0.473
Worse than 6/123619.1 (12.7–37.1)
Type of injuryBlunt trauma4119.1 (12.7–29.9)0.581
Penetrating eye injury4419.5 (10.3–31.3)
Other1321.5 (14.5–37.1)
  • Data reported as medians and quartiles, with p values from Mann-Whitney tests (visual acuity) and Kruskal-Wallis test (type of injury).

  • SIMD, Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation.