TableĀ 3

Adjusted RR* (99.9% CI) comparing ROP treatment in survivors between pairs of countries

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  • Adjusted for antenatal steroid, sex, GA, birth weight z-score, caesarean and multiple birth using Poisson analyses.

  • *RR compared between row and column; green: RR significantly lower than 1; red: higher than 1.

  • ANZNN, Australia and New Zealand Neonatal Network; CNN, Canadian Neonatal Network; FinMBR, Finnish Maternal Birth Register; GA, gestational age; INN, Israel Neonatal Network; NRNJ, Neonatal Research Network of Japan; ROP, retinopathy of prematurity; RR, risk ratio; SEN1500, Spanish Neonatal Network; SNQ, Swedish Neonatal Quality Register; SwissNeoNet, Swiss Neonatal Network; TuscanNN, Tuscan Neonatal Network; UKNC, UK Neonatal Collaborative.