Table 1

Summary of details of the hyperopic anisometropic amblyopes

Mean±95% CIRange
Age (years)5.65±0.394 to 8
VA amblyopic eye (LogMAR)0.69±0.130.275 to 1.75
VA amblyopic eye (Snellen equivalent)20/9820/38 to 20/1125
DS sound eye (D)+1.66 ±0.33+0.25 to +3.75
DC sound eye (D)+0.08 ±0.10−0.50 to +1.00
MSE sound eye (D)+1.69 ±0.34+0.25 to +3.75
DS amblyopic eye (D)+4.57 ±0.38+3.00 to +6.50
DC amblyopic eye (D)+0.36 ±0.30−1.25 to+2.00
MSE amblyopic eye (D)+4.72 ±0.33+3.25 to+6.25
Anisometropia (D)3.03±0.401.75 to 5.75
  • D, dioptres; DC, dioptres cylinder; DS, dioptres sphere; logMAR, logarithm of the minimum angle of resolution; MSE, mean spherical equivalent; VA, visual acuity.