Table 2

Change in visual acuity at 1 year from baseline by treatment adjusted for starting visual acuity, age, gender and year of starting therapy by multivariate modelling

Variable Beta 95% CI p Value
Drug (posology)
Ranibizumab (three plus PRN)ref
Aflibercept (fixed dosing or treat and extend)4.152.48 to 5.821.25e-06*
Starting visual acuity−0.31−0.35 to −0.262e-16*
Age−0.24−0.33 to −0.153.89e-07*
Female−0.95−2.43 to 0.520.21
Year of starting therapy0.23−1.08 to 1.530.73
  • *p-value <0.05. 

  • PRN, pro re nata.