Table 1

IOP over time in patients implanted with AADI as primary glaucoma surgery compared with those where it was after previously failed glaucoma surgery

Baseline IOP (mm Hg), mean±SDIOP 3 months (mm Hg), mean±SDIOP 6 months (mm Hg), mean±SDIOP 1 year (mm Hg), mean±SDIOP 2 years (mm Hg), mean±SD
Primary AADI (n=12)25.7±8.813.6±10.111.0±4.712.6±4.915.0±4.8
AADI after previous glaucoma surgery (n=22)27.8±6.513.9±6.115.3±7.712.9±6.014.5±6.3
  • *Mann-Whitney U test.

  • AADI, Aurolab aqueous drainage implant; IOP, uncontrolled intraocular pressure.