Table 1

Risk of Developing First Episode of Treatment-Requiring diabetic macular oedema (DMO)

Time in relation to cataract surgery (months) −24 to −12 −12 to 0 0 to +12 +12 to +24
Risk of DMO (%) All eyes (n=4850)
Stratified by ETDRS grade*
No DR (n=1719)
Mild NPDR (n=1034)
Moderate NPDR (n=1527)5.45.510.08.9
Severe NPDR (n=165)11.511.013.111.5
PDR (n=405)
  • *Stratification is by proxy-ETDRS/International Clinical Grading system grade of retinopathy at most recent assessment prior to cataract surgery (mild, moderate and severe NPDR and PDR retinopathy). Time periods are up to but not including the upper boundary, ie, −24 to −12 equates to any time point from −24 months to 1 day prior to −12 months. An event occurring at exactly −12 months is included in the −12 to 0 month group. Similarly, patients treated on the day of surgery are included in the 0–12 month group. Since development of DMO is a censoring event, the number of eyes at risk reduces over time as follows: 4850 (−24 to −12 months), 4702 (−12 to 0 months), 4565 (0 to +12 months), 4323 (+12 to +24 months).

  • NPDR, non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy; PDR, proliferative diabetic retinopathy.