Table 2

Relative risk of graft failure at 5 years

FactornRelative risk95% CIp Value
Indication for graft (p=0.01)
 Viral infection821.0
 Other infections1952.21.3 to 3.60.003
 Ulcerative keratitis1951.81.1 to 3.10.03
 Ectasias/dystrophies570.930.4 to 2.20.9
 Other indications1141.40.8 to 2.60.2
Preoperative acuity (p=0.0002)
 Better than light perception4661.0
 Light perception, NP1441.81.3 to 2.40.0005
 Not reported332.11.3 to 3.70.006
Graft size (p=0.02)
 <9.00 mm4771.0
 ≥9.00 mm1471.61.1 to 2.10.006
 Not reported191.20.6 to 2.40.6
Preoperative conditions (p=0.02)
 Yes1781.51.1 to 2.10.02
 Unknown1531.51.1 to 2.10.02
Gender match (p=0.05)
 Female donor/female recipient1371.0
 Female donor/male recipient1341.10.7 to 1.80.6
 Male donor/female recipient1921.50.99 to 2.30.05
 Male donor/male recipient1801.71.1 to 2.50.02
Grafted for visual reasons (p=0.09)
 No2461.30.99 to 1.80.06
 Unknown691.50.95 to 2.40.08