Table 1

Demographic and clinical characteristics of the study subjects

Patients with ATD
(n=26 eyes of 26 subjects)
Control subjects
(n=26 eyes of 26 subjects)
p Value
Sex (M/F)11/1513/130.578
IOP (mm Hg)15.16±3.2515.32±1.840.993
CCT (μm)557.81±27.77548.69±33.610.292
AXL (mm)23.27±0.7323.23±0.710.826
MMSE score16.92±7.3926.81±2.20<0.001*
  • Data reported as mean and SD with p values from Mann-Withney U tests (age, IOP and MMSE score), χ2 test (sex) and independent t-tests (CCT and AXL).

  • *Significant at p<0.05.

  • ATD, Alzheimer’s type dementia; AXL, axial length; CCT, central corneal thickness; IOP, intraocular pressure; M/F, male/female; MMSE, Mini Mental State Examination.