Table 2

Relationship of vascular density, foveal avascular zone, outer and choroidal flow rate and choroidal thickness with ATD and control subjects

Patients with ATD
(n=26 eyes of 26 subjects)
Control subjects
(n=26 eyes of 26 subjects)
p Value
Vascular density (%)
Foveal avascular zone (mm²)0.47±0.180.33±0.080.001*
Outer retina flow rate0.38±0.030.39±0.030.302
Choroidal flow rate0.59±0.220.60±0.020.084
Choroidal thickness (µm)198.27±49.09251.88±29.93<0.001*
  • Data reported as mean and SD with p values from Mann-Whitney U tests (foveal avascular zone and choroidal thickness) and independent t-tests (vascular density and flow rate).

  • *Significant at p<0.05.

  • ATD, Alzheimer’s type dementia.