Table 1

Information requested about preceding events via the incident questionnaire and information sought relating to the treatment via the follow-up questionnaire 

Incident questionnaire
Preceding eventDetails asked specific to each event
 Cataract surgeryType (traumatic, age-related, other)
How long present
After removal, the refractive error was corrected by IOL, contact lenses or spectacles
Details of anisometropia after cataract removal
If a manifest strabismus occurred after the cataract removal
 Refractive surgeryType of surgery performed
If aim was to create monovision
Details of anisometropia after surgery
 Strabismus surgeryWas treatment received for primary/secondary/consecutive eso/exotropia, vertical strabismus or other
Was the risk of diplopia assessed
 Botulinum toxin
 Occlusion therapy for amblyopiaWas the risk of diplopia assessed and if so using the Sbisa/Bagolini filter bar, neutral density filter bar or other
 Atropine treatment for amblyopia
 Severe head traumaNo further questions were asked
 Total loss of fusion following a brain lesion
 No known preceding event
 OtherAsked to specify