Table 1

Countries included in the category of ‘high-income countries, Eastern and Central Europe’

Asia-Pacific (n=7)Brunei Darussalam, Japan* (n=3, 0), Republic of Korea* (n=2, 2), Singapore* (n=2, 0)
Australasia (n=7)Australia* (n=7, 0), New Zealand
North America, high income (n=4)Canada, USA* (n=4, 0)
Latin America, Southern (n=4)Argentina* (n=1, 0), Chile* (n=2, 0), Uruguay* (n=1, 0)
Western Europe (n=20)Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark* (n=1, 0), Finland (n=1, 0), France (n=1, 0), Germany, Greece (n=1, 0), Iceland* (n=1, 0), Ireland, Israel, Italy* (n=3, 0), Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands* (n=2, 0), Norway* (n=3, 2), Portugal, Spain* (n=2, 0), Sweden, Switzerland, UK* (n=5, 0)
Central Europe (n=1)Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria* (n=1, 0), Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Macedonia (former Yugoslav Republic of)
Eastern Europe (n=3)Belarus, Estonia (n=1, 0), Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova* (n=1, 1), Russian Federation (n=1, 0), Ukraine
  • *Those for which data were available are marked with an asterisk.

  • A list of all references used for this analysis can be found in a web appendix (see

  • The ‘n’ numbers indicate the number of studies from that country and following the comma, the number of new studies for that country included since the most recent Global Vision Database meta-analysis.