Table 1

Demographic, preoperative and postoperative clinical details of eyes with spherophakia and glaucoma who underwent lensectomy (n=52 eyes of 36 subjects)

ParametersPreoperative median (IQR)Postoperative median (IQR)p Value
Age (years)12 (6–18)
Gender (M:F)21:15
SE in dioptre (n=32)−14.5 (−23.75 to −13)10.6 (9.4–13)
VA by logMAR (n=42)0.95 (0.6–1.8)0.4 (0.2–1.3)<0.001
IOP (mm Hg) (n=50)26 (20–37)14 (11–19)<0.001
Median AGM (n=48)2 (2–3)1 (0–2)<0.001
Cup to disc ratio (n=44)0.6 (0.35–0.8)
Median follow-up (months)30.6 (5.5–103)
  • AGM, antiglaucoma medication; F, female; IOP, intraocular pressure; log MAR, logarithm of minimal angle of resolution; M, male; SE, spherical equivalent; VA, visual acuity.