Table 1

The demographic and clinical data of the patients with NMOSD and healthy controls

NMOSDHealthy controls
Number of subjects5533
Number of eyes enrolled10866
Female, n (%)52 (94.5)31 (93.9)
Age (years, mean±SD)40.8±13.043.2±11.3
Both eyes affected, n (%)19 (34.5)
Only one eye affected, n (%)14 (25.5)
No history of ON, n (%)22 (40)
Disease duration (months, median, range)24 (3–192)
VFSS of patients with history of ON (mean±SD)3.2±1.9
EDSS (median, range)2.0 (1–7.5)
  • EDSS, Expanded Disability Status Scale; NMOSD, neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders; ON, optic neuritis; VFSS, visual functional system score.