Table 4

Summary of postoperative indices

Intraoperative indicesStudies (n)Sample sizeRR (CI)WMD (CI)I2 (%)P of χ2 Selected modelP for overall effect
Anti-VEGF groupNo anti-VEGF group
General incidence of recurrent VH71341280.389 (0.255 to 0.594)NA19.700.274Fixed-effect0.001
Incidence of early recurrent VH (<4 weeks)41201170.421 (0.262 to 0.678)NA5.70.365Fixed-effect0.001
Incidence of early recurrent VH (>4 weeks)41201170.657 (0.315 to 1.372)NA00.697Fixed-effect0.264
Vitreous clear-up time of recurrent29087NA–5.829 (–7.079 to –4.579)00.400Fixed-effect0.001
The rate of recurrent RD81451390.502 (0.200 to 1.260)NA00.873Fixed-effect0.142
Required secondary surgery for recurrent RD51261200.598 (0.245 to 1.495)NA00.978Fixed-effect0.259
  • NA, not available; RD, retinal detachment; RR, relative risk; VEGF, vascular endothelial growth factor; VH, vitreous haemorrhage; WMD, weighted mean difference.