Table 2

Severe loss of vision in VLBW cohort at 7–8 years and 27–29 years

Gestation (weeks)Birth weight (g)SexROPSeen 7–8 yearsSeen 27–29 yearsVision status 27–29 yearsOther problems
Severe bilateral vision loss
 26810MS 4YesQuestionnaire onlyNilSacral agenesis, epilepsy
 27900FS 4YesNo(Light perception at 7 years)Moderate CP
 25670MS 4YesNo(Nil at 7 years)Mild CP, epilepsy
 25923MS 4NoYesLight perception on R None on L
 25670FS 4YesYesNil
 26840FS 4YesYesLight perception R and L
 291061FNoneYesNo(Cerebral visual impairment)Severe CP
 291480MNoneYesYesOptic nerve hypoplasia, registered blind at 7–8 years
VA 0.6 on R; 0.9 on L
Moderate CP, epilepsy. Intellectual impairment
 26750MS 3 plus, resolvedYesQuestionnaire onlyCerebral visual impairmentSevere CP, epilepsy. Not testable
Other severe unilateral vision loss
 271460MNoneYesYesBilateral cataracts, removed L
VA 0.94 on R; 0.14 on L
 26880MS 2YesYesL retinal detachment 16 years
VA −0.04 on R; finger count L
 26930MS 2 plusYesYesR retinal detachment 16 years
Light perception R; VA −0.1 L
 29780FS 2YesYesL eye corneal scarring
VA 0.32 on R; 0.86 on L
 281027MNoneYesYesL eye penetrating injury 8 years
VA −0.06 on R; count fingers L
  • CP, cerebral palsy; L, left; R, right; ROP, retinopathy of prematurity; VA, visual acuity; VLBW, very low birthweight.