MeasureVLBWControlsP value
<1000 g
≥1000 g
(C) VLBW by birth weight (<1000 g) vs controls
% Rating eyesight as good or excellent (with glasses, contacts)83.887.991NS
% Worried about eyesight33.825.328NS
Mean (SD) difficulties with everyday activities score (other than driving, due to eyesight)15.1 (10.2)12.4 (4.2)11.7 (1.5)0.001
% Who drive a car*76.579.7960.001
Mean driving difficulties score (due to eyesight)†4.3 (2.1)3.7 (1.4)3.5 (1.0)0.002
  • *The difference in the percentage who drive a car is largely attributable to factors other than vision problems including cognitive impairment or physical disability.

  • †Limited to drivers only (VLBW n=196, controls n=96).

  • ROP, retinopathy of prematurity; VLBW, very low birthweight.