Table 1

SNPs, MAF and test for HWE and corresponding reported MAF in the 1000 genomes project in South Asian and European populations

ChromosomeGeneSNPMajor/minor allelesHWE*MAF†MAF EUR‡MAF SAS§
1 Y402H rs1061170T/C0.68540.3230.3620.287
6 C2 rs547154C/A0.38130.1870.0890.156
6 SKIV2L rs438999A/G0.69320.1830.0890.148
6 LOC107986598rs4711751T/C10.4230.4870.330
6 FRK rs1999930C/T0.39570.0750.2810.052
9 ABCA1 rs1883025C/T0.07970.4320.2400.413
10 ARMS2 rs10490923G/A0.72990.1490.1300.148
10 ARMS2 rs10490924G/T0.19530.3190.1950.343
10 HTRA1 rs2672598T/C**0.29690.5240.4990.464
15 LIPC rs10468017C/T0.91950.1760.2830.184
16 CETP rs3764261C/A0.07370.2950.2920.321
19 APOE rs429358T/C10.0970.1550.087
19 APOE rs7412C/T0.52320.0500.0630.044
19 CFD rs3826945T/C0.84240.3440.3130.334
  • *P value for tests for departure from Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium (HWE) in controls.

  • †Minor allele frequency (MAF) in controls.

  • ‡MAF from 1000 genome study for European ancestry available at

  • §MAF from 1000 genome study for South Asian ancestry available at

  • ¶SNP located near VEGFA.

  • **Minor allele considered as C for comparison with other studies.

  • SNP, single nucleotide polymorphisms.