Table 2

Associations between moderate to severe myopia, mild myopia and hypermetropia, and highest educational attainment and adult socioeconomic status, using three minimum threshold values for myopia

Moderate to severe myopia (≤−3.0D) (n=248)
Model 1Model 2Model 3
Emmetropia>−1D to <+1D (n=1005)>−0.75 D to <+1D (n=836)>−0.5D to <+1D (n=627)
Relative risk ratioRelative risk ratioRelative risk ratio
UnadjAdjusted95% CIUnadjAdjusted95% CIUnadjAdjusted95% CI
Highest educational attainment
 <O levels11111
 O levels2.362.141.32 to 3.462.181.951.20 to 3. 172.021.791.09 to 2.93
 A levels2.452.31.36 to 3.902.372.111.29 to 3.572.512.291.32 to 3.96
 Higher education4.433.752.33 to 6.054.423.642.27 to 5.964.373.552.17 to 5.81
Socioeconomic status
 Non-manual2.491.801.17 to 2.762.611.892.22 2.912.772.011.30 to 3.12