Table 1

Demographics of patients included and excluded from the hub-and-spoke model analysis demonstrating equivalence between the two groups

High-volume theatre list participantsPatients not treated on designated high-volume theatre listsP value
First eye/second eye243/5687/140.29
Right eye/left eye164/13555/461
Age (years)69.45±10.8172.42±8.60.01
Preoperative best-corrected distance visual acuity (logMAR)0.60±0.510.51±0.360.10
Spherical equivalent refractive error dioptrer (D)−0.50±4.32−0.38±3.520.80
Axial length (mm)23.78±1.3923.67±1.560.51
Anterior chamber depth (mm)3.27±0.383.10±0.55<0.01
Average predicted PCR risk18 1.63%±1.24%1.63%±0.71%1
  • PCR, posterior capsular rupture.