Table 5

Unpublished data from website

( identifier)
Number of patientsStudy typeResults
Travoprost (sofZia) vs Latanoprost BAK
20083215Double masked RCTOSDI score slightly better with SofZia
TBUT the same
Travoprost (sofZia) vs Latanoprost BAK
20083726Double masked RCTOSDI change similar
Absence of corneal staining similar
(37 sofZia, 40 BAK)
Travoprost (sofZia) vs Latanoprost BAK
2007Not stated54 (comparison made between eyes)Double masked RCTComfort after dose equal
  • BAK, benzalkonium chloride; OSDI, Ocular SurfaceDisease Index; RCT, randomised controlled trials; TBUT, tear breakup time.