Table 4

Comparison of OR timings (in minutes) between hub-and-spoke FLACS and CPS based on intention-to-treat analysis

FLACS (n=139)CPS (n=160)t test (P value)
Time from entering OR to start of operation5.83±2.586.25±2.910.19
Duration of operation12.04±4.8914.54±6.19<0.001
Time from end of operation to exiting OR2.47±0.662.6±1.020.20
Total time in OR20.34±5.8223.39±6.89<0.001
OR empty5.27±3.255.23±3.280.92
  • CPS, conventional phacoemulsification surgery;  FLACS, femtosecond laser -assisted cataract  surgery; OR, operating room.