Table 3

Independent risk factors for severe retinopathy of prematurity in infants with a birth weight≤1500 g

Adjusted OR95% CIP value
Gestational age (weeks)*0.8120.726 to 0.910<0.001
Birth weight (g)†0.9980.997 to 0.999<0.001
Small for gestational age0.4710.277 to 0.7990.005
Total days on oxygen‡1.0251.019 to 1.031<0.001
Late-onset sepsis1.4231.016 to 1.9940.04
Frequency of red blood cell transfusions≥twice2.3841.389 to 4.0920.002
Relative weight gain at 28 days (grams)0.9980.997 to 0.999<0.001
  • P<0.05 represents statistical significance.

  • *OR for every week.

  • †OR for every 1 g.

  • ‡OR for each day on oxygen.