Table 1

Baseline characteristics and surgical outcomes of the patients with eyes that underwent a 2.4 mm nasal CCI (nasal CCI group) and eyes that underwent a 2.4 mm temporal CCI (temporal CCI group)

Nasal CCI groupTemporal CCI group P values
Age (years)68.4±6.467.2±6.6 0.3719
Sex (men/women) 22/28 23/27 0.8407
Corneal astigmatism (D)*0.55±0.450.58±0.36 0.6674
MRSE (D) −2.39±3.75 −2.18±4.66 0.8124
Corrected logMAR visual acuity0.35±0.260.35±0.26 0.9726
Pupillary diameter (mm)3.60±0.543.57±0.52 0.7777
Nuclear opalescence1.98±0.352.08±0.29 0.1237
Surgery time (min)8.54±1.838.70±1.30 0.6154
CDE (millijoules)8.98±3.718.21±3.99 0.3199
Irrigation volume (mL)56.4±14.254.8±12.0 0.5444
  • *Corneal astigmatism of the total cornea.

  • CCI, clear corneal incision; CDE, cumulative dissipated energy; D, dioptre; logMAR, logarithm of minimal angle of resolution; MRSE, manifest spherical equivalent value.