Table 2

Comparison of the mean (±SD) magnitude of surgically induced astigmatism of the total cornea between eyes that underwent a 2.4 mm nasal clear corneal incision (CCI; nasal CCI group) and eyes that underwent a 2.4 mm temporal CCI (temporal CCI group)

Nasal CCI groupTemporal CCI groupP values
2 days postoperatively0.88±0.56 0.63±0.440.0151*
2 weeks postoperatively0.71±0.39 0.54±0.350.0214*
4 weeks postoperatively0.63±0.36 0.48±0.350.0352
8 weeks postoperatively0.58±0.39 0.45±0.420.1098
  • *Statistically significant difference between groups.