Table 2

Descriptive analyses of nailfold capillary haemodynamic features in controls, all patients with POAG and the following subgroups: patients with the high tension variant of POAG (HTG), patients with the normal tension variant of POAG (NTG), patients with POAG concurrently using topical beta-blocker medication and patients with POAG not concurrently using topical beta-blocker medication

Blood speed in μm/s, mean (SD)Capillary diameter in μm, mean (SD)Blood flow in pL/s, mean (SD)P values* for blood speed (controls as referent)P values* for capillary diameter (controls as referent)P values* for blood flow (controls as referent)
Controls (n=63)574 (211)10.0 (1.5)50.1 (24.2)
 All POAG (n=67)328 (201)9.7 (1.5)26.8 (17.6)<0.00010.20<0.0001
 HTG (n=34)303 (172)9.9 (1.5)26.8 (18.8)<0.00010.78<0.0001
 NTG (n=27)353 (240)9.5 (1.5)26.2 (16.7)0.00020.15<0.0001
 POAG using topical beta-blockers (n=27)322 (187)9.8 (1.4)26.4 (15.0)<0.00010.49<0.0001
 POAG not using topical beta-blockers (n=40)328 (223)9.5 (1.6)27.3 (21.2)<0.00010.17<0.0001
  • *Unpaired t-test.

  • HTG, high tension glaucoma; NTG, normal tension glaucoma; POAG, primary open-angle glaucoma.