Table 3

Intraoperative and postoperative complications

Event or parametermiLOOP+phaco n=53Control phaco
P values
Anterior or posterior capsular tear during miLOOP fragmentation0%
Posterior capsular tear during phaco or IOL implantation4 (7.5%)5 (10.4%)0.999
Hyphema noted after IOL implantation0 (0%)1 (2%)0.475
High IOP, postoperative4 (7.5%)2 (4.2%)
Shallow AC, postoperative0 (0%)1 (2%)0.475
Corneal ECD at 1 month (cells/mm2)2390±3092427±3210.557
∆ in ECD from baseline to 1 month (%)−7.0%±10.6−8.4%±12.20.539
CCT at 1 month (µm)540±48550±470.294
∆ in CCT from baseline to 1 month (%)−0.9%±6.9−0.6±6.90.278
BCVA at 1 month, Snellen equivalent20/2720/24
  • Values shown are n (%) or mean±SD. Percentage values are rounded to the nearest integer. P values for categorical variables were assessed by two-tailed Fisher’s exact test using 2×2 contingency tables, and for continuous variables by two-tailed t-test.

  • AC, anterior chamber; BCVA, best corrected visual acuity; CCT, central corneal thickness; ECD, endothelial cell density; IOL, intraocular lens; IOP, intraocular pressure; miLOOP, microinterventional loop prefragmentation.