Table 1

Summary of clinical findings in 345 patients with STGD1

Median age of onset (years)19.0 (4–68)
Median age at examination (years)28.0 (7–71)
Median duration of disease (years)5.0 (0–36)
Median LogMAR visual acuity (right eye)0.8 (−0.10 to 1.70)
Median LogMAR visual acuity (left eye)0.8 (−0.10 to 1.56)
  • The age of onset was defined as the age at which any symptom was first noted by the patient.

  • The duration of disease was calculated as the difference between age of onset and age at the baseline examination.

  • The detailed findings of fundus autofluorescence are described elsewhere.3

  • LogMAR, logarithm of the minimum angle of resolution; STGD1, Stargardt disease 1.