Table 1

Demographic and clinical characteristics of the cohort

Glaucoma status
Case (n=1537)Control (n=1570)P value
Female, %F929 (60.4%)1090 (69.4%)<0.001
Age, yearsn15371569<0.001
Mean (SD)70.9 (11.3)61.5 (11.8)
IOP (mean), mm Hg
Mean (SD)25.9 (8.0)17.1 (3.2)
CDR (mean)n14941247<0.001
Mean (SD)0.71 (0.16)0.33 (0.13)
CCT (mean)n1470
Mean (SD)531.0 (38.8)
RNFL (mean)n1096
Mean (SD)72.9 (13.3)
PSD (mean)n1106
Mean (SD)5.1 (3.1)
MD (mean)n1106
Mean (SD)−7.4 (7.8)
  • CCT, central corneal thickness; CDR, cup-to-disc ratio; IOP, intraocular pressure; MD, mean deviation; PSD, pattern standard deviation; RNFL, retinal nerve fibre layer.