Table 2

Type, frequency and earliest appearance of microvascular abnormalities (MVAs) identified after radiotherapy in years 1 and 2

Image modalityFeatureCumulative frequency
M 18 and M 24
(N=18 eyes)
Earliest appearance
Colour photographNerve fibre infarct612
Retinal haemorrhage1018
Luminal irregularities1324
Telangiectatic vessels824
Perivascular capillary dropout1524
Vascular sheathing1024
Vascular staining1524
Mean area of MVA involvement3.2±3.0 (SD) mm2
Optical coherence tomographyIntraretinal oedema in the area of MVA1*24
  • The area of retina involved by MVA was measured on an early fluorescein angiographic frame.

  • *The OCT scan lines covered the area of MVA in only one eye.