Table 2

The threshold-free cluster-weighted (TFCW) method revealed 12 white matter tracts with different generalised fractional anisotropy (GFA) values between amblyopic adults and normal-sighted controls

Tract No. Name of tractsGFA values
P value
1Left optic radiation0.659±0.0380.623±0.0380.0176
2Right optic radiation0.654±0.0550.594±0.0440.0038
3Left IFOF0.717±0.0260.682±0.0470.0072
4Left arcuate fasciculus0.643+0.0260.598±0.0440.0022
5Left TR of the auditory nerve0.371±0.0300.342±0.0300.0110
6CF of the middle temporal gyrus0.161±0.0410.128±0.0180.0111
7Left frontal aslant tract0.609±0.0540.554±0.0430.0063
8Left fornix0.560±0.0790.475±0.0880.0102
9CF of the genu0.592±0.0370.539±0.0420.0007
10Left uncinate fasciculus0.482±0.0500.520±0.0450.0022
11Right uncinate fasciculus0.341±0.0330.390±0.0680.0056
12Left FS of the OFC0.346±0.0480.311±0.0460.0720
  • CF, callosal fibres; FS, frontal striatum; IFOF, inferior fronto-occipital fasciculus; OFC, orbitofrontal cortex; TR, thalamic radiation.