Table 1

Demographics and baseline characteristics of patients

Number of subjects134
 Diabetic macular oedema (%)20 (14.9)
 Retinal vein occlusion (%)44 (32.8)
 Epiretinal membrane (%)50 (37.3)
 Wet AMD (%)20 (14.9)
Age (years, mean±SD)64.9±10.4
Male gender (%)62 (46)
Diabetes mellitus (%)44 (32.8)
Hypertension (%)61 (45.5)
Right laterality (%)76 (56.7)
Phakic eye (%)94 (70.1)
BCVA (logMAR, mean±SD)0.24±0.23
Spherical equivalent (dioptres, mean±SD)−0.16±1.79
IOP (mm Hg, mean±SD)15.9±2.9
Axial length (mm, mean±SD)23.7±1.2
Mean signal strength (mean±SD)8.8±1.0
Mean CMT (μm, mean±SD)391.6±115.5
Mean GC*IPL thickness (μm, mean±SD)61.4±28.6
  • AMD, age-related macular degeneration; BCVA, best-corrected visual acuity; CMT, central macular thickness; GC-IPL, ganglion cell-inner plexiform layer; IOP, intraocular pressure.