Table 2

Mean RA, CA and IA by gender and refraction group

MeanP values*MeanP values*MeanP values*
Total1783 (100)0.57 D1.11 D0.72 D
 Boys883 (49.5)0.57 D1.08 D0.69 D
 Girls900 (50.5)0.57 D1.14 D0.75 D
Refraction group (D)
 SE≤−6.054 (3.0)1.30 D<0.011.57 D<0.010.65 D0.13
 −6.0<SE≤−3.0371 (20.8)0.71 D<0.011.24 D<0.010.71 D0.28
 −3.0<SE≤–0.5773 (43.4)0.49 D0.361.03 D0.590.72 D0.37
 −0.5<SE<+0.5†297 (16.7)0.47 D1.05 D0.74 D
 +0.5≤SE<+2.0265 (14.9)0.49 D0.891.08 D0.600.72 D0.44
 SE≥+2.023 (1.3)0.99 D<0.011.39 D0.010.68 D0.43
  • *Comparison between boys and girls with χ2 test.

  • †Reference group.

  • CA, corneal astigmatism; IA, internal astigmatism; RA, refractive astigmatism; SE, spherical equivalent refraction.