Table 2

Multivariate regression analysis to identify factors associated with the number of injections needed during 2 years of anti-VEGF treatment for neovascular age-related macular degeneration

CharacteristicsUnstandardised coefficient (SE)P values
CRT at month 30.03 (0.007)<0.0001*
PED at month 30.009 (0.003)0.0014*
Antidepressant medication1.50 (0.67)0.027*
BMI−0.13 (0.08)0.11
Study/drug type/OCT machine0.45 (0.40)0.26
  • Anti-VEGF, antivascular endothelial growth factor; BMI, body mass index; CRT, central retinal thickness; PED, pigment epithelium detachment; OCT, optical coherence tomography.