Table 2

Associations between DFD and the average thickness of the macular inner retinal layers, adjusted for axial length, optic disc area, FDA, age, gender, image quality, visual field mean deviation and average pRNFL thickness (n=182; partial correlation analysis)

rP values
Total mRNFL−0.49<0.001
Superior mRNFL−0.39<0.001
Inferior mRNFL−0.50<0.001
Total GCIPL−0.28<0.001
Superior GCIPL−0.250.001
Inferior GCIPL−0.28<0.001
Total GCC−0.46<0.001
Superior GCC−0.39
Inferior GCC−0.49<0.001
  • DFD, disc–fovea distance; FDA, fovea–disc angle; GCC, ganglion cell complex; mRNFL, macular retinal nerve fibre layer; pRNFL, peripapillary retinal nerve fibre layer.