Table 1

Patient demographics and baseline characteristics for IRISS and FAME23

No of patients (eyes)563 (593)209
Mean age, years±SD67.5±10.763.7±8.9
Gender (% male:female)56.3:43.757.4:42.6
Lens status (% pseudophakic:phakic:aphakic)82.6:16.4:0.7†45.5:54.5:0
Mean IOP, mm Hg±SD15.6±3.3‡15.0±2.9
Mean duration of DMO, years±SD4.5±3.95.1±3.1
Mean duration of follow-up, days (range)471.2 (1–1269)998.5 (36–1236)
FAc implant placement (% unilateral:bilateral)82.8:17.2100:0
FAc implants received per eye (% 1 implant:
2 implants:≥3 implants)
  • *Patients with cDMO who received the 0.2 µg/day FAc implant.

  • †0.3% of patients had no lens status data at baseline.

  • ‡Data are for 351 eyes for which IOP data were available at baseline.

  • FAME, Fluocinolone Acetonide for Macular Edema; FAc, fluocinolone Acetonide; IOP, intraocular pressure; IRISS, ILUVIEN Registry Safety Study; cDMO, chronic diabetic macular oedema.